Our Comics

Mabuhay, I-Hotel: The Life—and Afterlife—of San Francisco's Manilatown (The Nib 2022)
A comic for The Nib's "Cities" issue about San Francisco's International Hotel. Jeanette Lazam tells the story of the famous single-room occupancy building and the birth of the modern housing movement.

Trickster, Traitor, Dummy, Doll (The Nib 2021)
A comic for The Nib's "Secrets" issue explaining how the CIA used inflatable sex dolls in its Cold War spycraft. Nominated for a 2022 Eisner Award for Best Short Story.

Debian Perl: Digital Detective (Lion Forge Caracal 2019)
Middle-grade graphic novel that teaches computing concepts through a futuristic noir mystery. Social media guru Digits and technomancer Debian Perl cross paths when they both discover a malfunctioning 100-year-old robot. Can they solve the puzzle behind the robot's missing memory?
Upcoming Comics:

"One Man's Beast, Another Man's Bacon" (Iron Circus)
Appearing in the upcoming anthology Failure to Launch. It's about the 1910 plan to import hippos and introduce them to the Louisiana swamps. Yes, it's a true story.

Comic image of a bipedal unicorn wearing a trenchcoat
Agent Cupcake (Oni Press)
In this middle-grade graphic novel, 12-year-old Miguel Mangayayam has always been obsessed with magical creatures, so he's thrilled when he's recruited by the Mystical Beast Bureau as their first human field agent. It gets even better when he's partnered with Agent Cupcake, a skilled unicorn spy. But when members of a reclusive unicorn community start losing their magical powers, Miguel and Cupcake must figure out why.