Lauren Davis

Superpower: Research
Base of Operations: Berkeley, CA
Interests: 3D Printing, Speculative Fiction, Drawing People with Dog Heads, Collecting Gross Science Facts

Lauren Davis never met a research rabbit hole she didn’t want to fall into. After receiving her JD from the Georgetown University Law Center, Lauren spent several years as a writer and editor for the premiere science fiction website io9, where she soaked up volumes of speculative fiction, scientific innovation, and weird history. Now she uses that background to craft strange fictional worlds and explain fascinating, important (and often creepy) things about the real world.

Lauren received her MFA in comics from the California College of the Arts and is currently a co-organizer for the long-running DIY arts festival San Francisco Zine Fest. In addition to self-publishing her own comics about science, history, and law, Lauren has collected and published two anthologies of comics: The Comic Book Guide to the Mission and Sci-Fi San Francisco. With Mel, she received a 2020 Writing by Writers residency. She lives in Berkeley, California, with an extremely flatulent dog.

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