Mel Hilario

Superpower: Punching and Puns
Base of Operations: Oakland, CA
Interests: Discussing narrative choices in every TV show she's ever watched

Mel Hilario is an avid student of all things physiological, and lobs weapons-grade puns with shocking ease. She loves to blend genres, and transforms traditional character archetypes into fully realized people, with their own quirks, language, and interior lives. When she isn’t writing fiction, nonfiction, and comic books, Mel is in martial arts or ballet class, or attempting to stay off social media and failing miserably.

She has an MFA in English and Creative Writing from Mills College, and has been a recipient of the Elizabeth George Foundation grant and residencies at VONA (Voices of our Nations Arts), Las Dos Brujas Writers Workshop, Writing by Writers, and Hedgebrook. She currently lives and writes in Oakland.

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