Katie Longua

Superpower: Crafting
Base of Operations: Alameda, CA
Interests: Arts, Crafts, Video Games, Rollerskating

Katie Longua is always looking for ways to make the world more magical. She can take the most boring diagram or infographic and turn it into a piece of art that people will actually want to read. And her artistry extends well beyond comics into video games, fashion, art modeling, and toy design. She’s the person many kids want to be when they grow up, once they realize growing up doesn’t mean becoming boring.

Katie has been publishing her own comics for over ten years, including the award-winning RÖK, Her Space Opera, and Munchies. She’s done work for BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment, Image Comics, IDW Comics, Oni Press, Tapas Media, the San Francisco Exploratorium, Girls Make Games, and Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls. She lives in a haunted house with her partner Josh and a small army of transforming robots.

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